Fail or success: Covid-19 Vaccine against new Omicron variant

omicron booster vaccine

Unprotected people (no vaccine or no previous infection) are most at risk. With the tremendous transmission ability of Omicron, it is most likely that many of us will get infected. If we get infected, the best thing is that the virus catches us vaccinated. Vaccines are not an impenetrable steel armor, we can get infected … Read more

Omicron: the new Covid-19 Variant truthful you should know

covid 19 omicron variant

Omicron Variant sounds like the apocalypse. The WHO decided to name the different variants following the Greek alphabet: Alpha: B.1.1.7; Beta: B.1.351; Gamma: P.1; Delta: B.1.617.2; Epsilon: B.1.427/B.1.429; Zeta: P.2; Eta: B.1.525; Theta: P.3; Iota: B.1.526; Kappa: B.1.617.1; Lambda: C.37; Mu: B.1.621. The next on the list had to be Nu, but since it sounded … Read more

Natural Cancer treatments : 6 popular alternatives to be considered

alternative treatment for health

When traditional or common cancer treatments therapies fail, many turn to alternative cancer treatments that lack scientific evidence. Many cancer patients who have exhausted the options offered by traditional medicine turn to other types of treatment, often expensive, in the hope of finding a cure for their disease. Some option for immunotherapy, a cutting-edge treatment … Read more

How to Obtain Embryonic SC: breakthrough 21st century invention

ilustration of embryonic stem cells

How are they obtained and what can be done with them? Embryonic stem cells have seized the fantasy of scientists and non-scientists either. But what are they, how are they obtained, and why are researchers around the world working so hard to understand more about them? What do we know? Human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) … Read more

Succeed to cure Diabetes-1 with advanced pioneering treatment

Cure the diabetes

Stem cells that simulate the insulin-producing cells On June 29, a diabetes patient Brian Shelton received an intravenous infusion of cells grown from stem cells that simulate the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas that his body lacked. Stem cells is a cell that obtained by extracting your own part of body such as bone or … Read more