Fail or success: Covid-19 Vaccine against new Omicron variant

omicron booster vaccine

Unprotected people (no vaccine or no previous infection) are most at risk. With the tremendous transmission ability of Omicron, it is most likely that many of us will get infected. If we get infected, the best thing is that the virus catches us vaccinated. Vaccines are not an impenetrable steel armor, we can get infected … Read more

Omicron: the new Covid-19 Variant truthful you should know

covid 19 omicron variant

Omicron Variant sounds like the apocalypse. The WHO decided to name the different variants following the Greek alphabet: Alpha: B.1.1.7; Beta: B.1.351; Gamma: P.1; Delta: B.1.617.2; Epsilon: B.1.427/B.1.429; Zeta: P.2; Eta: B.1.525; Theta: P.3; Iota: B.1.526; Kappa: B.1.617.1; Lambda: C.37; Mu: B.1.621. The next on the list had to be Nu, but since it sounded … Read more